About us

Tourism Club Kerala is the nodal agency formed by the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala to nurture and develop young ambassadors of Kerala Tourism by forming clubs in colleges across the state. It will pave the way for new tourism trends and create interest in travel among students.

Tourism in Kerala is going through a significant face of growth and development after the global pandemic of Covid 19. The sustained efforts of the Department of Tourism over a period of several years have played a crucial role in achieving this momentum and direction through improved infrastructure and better publicity.

Going by the traditional Indian concept of 'Atithi Devo Bhava', our intention should be 'to receive a guest and send back a friend'. Tourism and the hospitality industry can achieve this standard only with the cooperation and wholehearted patronage of a willing community.

Youths are the assets of the nation and the most dynamic segment of the population in any country. Therefore it is essential to educate and elevate young minds towards the richness of tourism in a state like Kerala. It is to establish this idea that the Department of Tourism has decided to set up Tourism clubs in Kerala by collaborating with the State's Higher Education Department and moulding college students as ambassadors of Tourism.

Tourism Club mainly focuses on tourism promotion and development through the student community. The aim of the Tourism Club is "CAPACITY BUILDING THROUGH RESPONSIBLE SERVICE". Through these clubs, the youth can explore the endless possibilities and opportunities to improve not just their soft skills but apply their ideas to develop a responsible tourism network.

Tourism club not only uplifts the travel and hospitality sector but also helps expand the parameters of the student community in contributing to the tourism department of the state. It would help the students in imbibing a hands-on experience rather than asserting the theoretical definitions of developments. It would also help them in securing financial independence and become self-sufficient from a young age.

The tourism clubs would be a rewarding experience for the student community as it develops their social interaction skills and expose them to limitless opportunities which would directly help them in framing their career and higher education.

The website shall focus on coordination, management, monitoring, reporting and updating of tourism club activities.

A detailed report of the activities done by the tourism club all over the state will be made accessible through this portal.